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  1. Afewgoodmen
    Afewgoodmen at | | Reply

    nice one. true innovation! a shape of things to come!

  2. Eye/bee/kay
    Eye/bee/kay at | | Reply

    true innovation

    innovation? TRUE INNOVATION?

    I guess my grasp of that word is deficient.

    on a positive note, mammoth memory space on mobile devices can only be a re_confirmation that the PC era is truly winding down!

  3. Harry Echemco
    Harry Echemco at | | Reply

    That big storage capacity is certainly welcome, but there is absolutely nothing innovative about it, not even in the least. That is definitely anticipated and was going to happen someday. It is not even far removed from what we are already seeing on mobile devices. And Apple do not manufacture memory chip nor do they invent the technology behind it. The bump is most likely borne out of consumer complaints and requests or maybe in reaction to Microsoft’s Surface Pro which are coming out first with 128GB. In fact, if the iSheep truly consider 128GB innovative, then they should channel the praise to Microsoft who first announced 128GB devices for their Surface tablets. Apple actually copied that from them.

    Using the camera on our phones for example, going from 8MP to say 13MP is not considered innovation, but moving up to say 45MP as Nokia did with the Nokia 808 Pureview is considered innovative because the technology for such a leap forward in not yet on grounds or is such a leap anticipated so soon. And well of course, Apple devices are always overpriced. imagine bumping the price by up to $130 because of the addition of cellular radio chip? That’s simply outrageous, but the iSheep wouldn’t care. The funny thing is that if this bump on storage capacity is to come from another manufacturer, the iSheep will remind you that such is unnecessary since this is the era of cloud storage as they will always say about the inclusion of SD card on products from other manufacturers.

  4. steve
    steve at | | Reply

    I an not an isheep and I see nothing innovative about increasing an internal memory of a device. However, the innovation comes in when you have to charge a whooping $929+ for it. Apple is truly innovative when it comes to extracting the money from the isheeps :D

    Seriously speaking, I think this move by Apple is borne out of the fact that their apps are really heavy and require more space than same app done in apk for androids and definitely much more heavy (times 10) than same app on a Symbian device. And since Apple is after the interests of it’s shareholders rather than that of it’s consumers, the consumers have to pay dearly for the extra space to put in more purchased apps.

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