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  1. Steve
    Steve at | | Reply

    A beg, I don’t want to enter the new year with sad news. Which kind thing be this?

    iPhone or iOS has so much restrictions as it is. This is laying on the last stray. Increasing the yoke on the buyers. I pass……

  2. Eye/bee/kay
    Eye/bee/kay at | | Reply

    Strange things sure do happen in God’s Own Country!


  3. bosun99uk
    bosun99uk at | | Reply

    Laws are just crazy in America, perhaps that’s why the country is organized if i may say.
    Patent Laws, gun laws, freedom laws.

  4. saiddigge
    saiddigge at | | Reply

    I’ll still jailbreak and unlock if I can. Ike that man said, Library of Congress can go jump into a well. Its my phone and I can do damn well anything I want thit. You own hardware but you don’t own software. Mtchewww!

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