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  1. Eye/bee/kay
    Eye/bee/kay at | | Reply

    I sure hope Apple would also reciprocate.

    Meanwhile, Samsung itself should stop copying.. They are innovative ive and creative enough to maintain their leadership without imitating

  2. Afewgoodmen
    Afewgoodmen at | | Reply

    “I sure hope Apple would also reciprocate.”

    Why should Apple reciprocate when they are not suing Samsung for a SEP/FRAND patent. This was not a good gesture from Samsung towards Apple but more of a necessity and survival. To forestall the hammer of the EU watch dog with possible hefty fines.

    I think Samsung ought to license the patents they did steal from Apple and that Apple should also pay Samsung for its Sep based on FRAnD terms.

    Cross – licensing, is the way to go, folks!

  3. Steve
    Steve at | | Reply


    Gbam!! That’s hitting the nail on the head.
    Very true sir. Cross licensing sure is the way to go. The two giants had better sheath their swords and cross license.

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