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  1. Afewgoodmen
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    A well depicted chain reaction that goes on and on. Like an avalanche. Like a nuclear bomb with ever increasing crescendo. All those folks are linked somehow or the other to one another. The best bet to fight this scourge is via abstinence or condom.

    Folks ought to be warned. What is the value of a moment’s pleasure and then infection from a deadly viral disease? It is sad how many people think? The you and me. The members of the society!

  2. EyeBeeKay
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    It would be great if researchers can quickly find a cure.

    That is the only way this scourge can be quickly nipped in the bud.

    In the throes of passion, people can forget about condoms.

    Barbing saloons, a careless medical personnel, and you could be doomed!

    Specifically, technology has made prostitution a lot essier. They now conclude their illicit arrangement on a smartphone.

    Was reading an article where it was stated that India is now losing the war against HIV because prostitutes have gone technological, having no fixed address, and using blackberries to scout for, and arrange meetings with their clients.

    Eternal vigilance is key.

    Can you truly trust that your spouse will not put you in trouble, even if you do not engage in risky behavior?

    The road is safe for a driver ONLY when other road users are Safe drivers, and practice defensive driving.

    It is worth repeating..

    Eternal vigilance is VITAL..

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