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  1. Seun
    Seun at | | Reply

    Nice phone, nice specs too. The comparism does a good job of highlighting the beauty of this phone. I really never imagined I’ll say so about a techno phone.

  2. eye_bee_kay
    eye_bee_kay at | | Reply

    usually, when we talk of competition, it is usually between the better known brands like Samsung or LG.

    but the lenovos and the Tecnos of this world are worthy of being watched careful.

    Brands that are targeting the less developed countries ( like Blackberry ) – had better pay attention.

    great value for money there.

    Low price, great spex, above average quality. Tecno!

  3. Afewgoodmen
    Afewgoodmen at | | Reply

    Yes, gr8 price. A phone I’d buy a cousin o nephe that’s Tech savvy. This late starters, like Tecno are companies that may come to compete one day with the big weights!

  4. Harry Echemco
    Harry Echemco at | | Reply

    Generally nice specs. Good for people getting introduced to smartphones but you can be sure that people who are already used to heavy multitasking will be disappointed by this phone.

    Whenever you endow an Android device with so little RAM, it would always disappoint in heavy multitasking. Even the meager internal storage is another limiting factor where the number of apps that can be installed is concerned.

  5. Steve Jacobs
    Steve Jacobs at | | Reply

    Tecno is a great deliverer to Nigerian phone users

  6. Steve Jacobs
    Steve Jacobs at | | Reply

    my email address is and my phone numbers are 08052237687 & 08026103918. pls i’m givin this details cos i want you 2 contact me and tell me where i can get this phone. another question is that: is it possible to run both sim on edge or both sim on 3G or sim 2 is permanently configured 2 run on edge alone? thanks

  7. Man B
    Man B at | | Reply

    Pls can it read pdf file?

  8. Steve Jacobs
    Steve Jacobs at | | Reply

    Please I have a case with my new phone. Can you please provide me with an email address so that I can lodge my complain? The phone is very good and it is a great phone but it is only one issue that I am trying to resolve with the new phone. Thanks

  9. HENRY
    HENRY at | | Reply

    I thought that tecno company say that they are going to launch more new phones branded tecno n5 & n7 before the year runs out, so i’m still waiting to handle one of the phones.

  10. HENRY
    HENRY at | | Reply

    thought that tecno company will launch a new branded tecno n5 & n7 before the year runs out.

  11. Steve Jacobs
    Steve Jacobs at | | Reply

    I don’t actually wanna say this thing here cos it might affect sale and market but I just have to say it. I only succeeded in installing about 7 new applications after I bought my tecno t3 and after then, any attempt to install further applications will make the phone to complain of low disk space and I set that applications should be installed on the memory card and not on the phone memory. I wonder what I would be doing with a phone of 8g memory when I cannot install applications. the former tecno hd11 that I’ve been using take up to 18 different applications. Moreover, I cannot access the internal memory of the phone. Please anybody with a useful idea should please help me cos such idea might be very strategic considering the fact that I’ve invited a lot of people to buy the phone. Thanks

  12. deoladoctor
    deoladoctor at | | Reply

    @Man B,
    Yes, the phone can handle PDF files when you instal adobe reader from the play store. If you prefer paid apps that can handle other document types as well, you can but Word to Go, or QuickOffice.

    @steve Jacobs,
    Do you have Apps2SD installed on your phone? Whenever I use a low end android with limited internal memory, that app is the one I install first. It helps you move movable apps from phone to SD card thus freeing the internal memory space.

    1. Steve Jacobs
      Steve Jacobs at | | Reply

      I downloaded and installed the app but it couldn’t move any of those apps on phone memory to the memory card. Moreover, it’s only 4 moveable apps that are still on phone but it amazes me to be honest what might have occupied my internal memory of 176 mb when I haven’t installed anything there before.

  13. deoladoctor
    deoladoctor at | | Reply

    @Steve Jacobs,
    Are you sure your snapped pictures and downloads are not stored by defaults on your phone? Check and make memory card your default storage for Camera pictures, Bluetooth, web downloads etc. these could have taken up your internal memory space. If so, move them to memory card.

    You can also use PC to check whats in your internal memory. Remove the memory card, and connect your phone to your PC in the USB mode. See what is occupying your internal memory.

  14. Steve Jacobs
    Steve Jacobs at | | Reply

    upon my thorough and vigorous assessment of my new phone, my final analysis are: 1. Tecno is truly a wonderful world 2. Android world is really better than BB world. My earlier complain prevented no program from installation. 2day, i’ve downloaded, installed and used so many programs and there’s no complain. if u’re not browsing n u’re not playin music, d phone can stay 24 hrs without shedding a battery bar. TIG (Tecno Is Great)

  15. justice eneje
    justice eneje at | | Reply

    Doz diz min u’ve fixed d memory storage ish??…if yes ,how??

  16. UC Mba
    UC Mba at | | Reply

    Please, T3 and N3 which one is better? I need to pick one Tecno Android immediately.

  17. Alfred Odongpiny
    Alfred Odongpiny at | | Reply

    I have just acquired my new Techno T3 two days ago, but after adding my gmail account into the Google play, i could not easily access internet. Therefore, i decided to erase all the data on the SD Card thinking the data i copied to the card could be heavy. Unfortunately, it has disorganized and erased my entire internet setting, Each time i try logging onto the internet, it keeps telling the server is inaccessible. Please is there a way you can direct me on how to configure e internet settings afresh?

    Kind regards.

    Alfred (Uganda)

  18. Abban
    Abban at | | Reply

    i want to use my sim1 for browsing and sim2 for making calls, but anytime i enable data for sim1,then the sim2 goes out of coverage area which is really a problem for me. and also,i cannot make video calls with my phone even though the network i use enebles video calling. any help?plssss

  19. Philip
    Philip at | | Reply

    I just bought a new Techno T3 phone, but my wifi keeps disconnecting from a very strong network availlable in my office. Pls advise on what to do for my wifi to function as other T3 here.

  20. Eddy Robert
    Eddy Robert at | | Reply

    Please where can i get the drivers or PC Suite for tecno T3. Another thing i want to know is what is rooting of android all about. Thanks

  21. deoladoctor
    deoladoctor at | | Reply

    @Eddy Roberts,

    You don’t need a PC Suit for Tecno T3. It is an android phone and you get all the works done by simply plugging it via a USB slot on the PC. When you plug into a USB port, the phone is recognized by the PC and drivers are automatically installed. You can transfer files between the phone and your PC and you can use the phone as a modem to connect your PC to Internet.

  22. Ganiyu opeyemi
    Ganiyu opeyemi at | | Reply

    I’m confused on the tecno model to buy. Does N3 has front camera for video call and skype like the T1 and T3.

  23. Steve
    Steve at | | Reply


    If I were you, I would buy either Tecno T1 or the Tecno T3. Both have the front facing camera and can do Skype. But the newer Tecno N3 does not have a front facing camera and so cannot do Skype or video calling.

    The only advantage, if I may say, of Tecno N3 is the beautiful body and a better user interface. The new user interface however cannot be used to its full potentials because of the phone’s low RAM. :(

  24. farbulous
    farbulous at | | Reply

    pls help, am nokia fans ,but am so suprise when i saw tecno android, be4 i really hate there product but now, am impresing with there android phones, i need yur advise be4 am wishing 2 buy asha 311, now that i saw tecno android am finally confused , which one is better for out of nokia asha311, and tecno n3, or tecno t3, pls am confused i need yur advise fast pls. U can call me wit my number or email, 08103350122 or email me Fenkz.

  25. Abdullahi
    Abdullahi at | | Reply

    Hi to every one, it is yesterday I saw this phone with a friend of mine and really impressed with what contains therein. Please can any one tell me wether this T3 uses an email account like BB and other smart phones? Thanks.

  26. jinadu
    jinadu at | | Reply

    is the phone still available 4 sale

  27. jokin
    jokin at | | Reply

    how much is techno n7

  28. kehinde
    kehinde at | | Reply

    please Amin, i want to know if tecno n7 is out in the market, av been waiting for it for so long,and if it is not out, when should we expect it and at what price…hope it will not be more than 15k.

  29. deoladoctor
    deoladoctor at | | Reply

    @jokin & kehinde,
    From the look of things, the Tecno n7 is expected to be in the N25k range. It is not yet available in the Nigerian market for now in spite of it’s rumored appearance by January 2013.

    The phone promises to be a winner with a 5inch display screen and a dual core processor running Android ICS. The only downside is the RAM said to be a mere 512Mb. It will try to make up for this because it packs a good 1.2Ghz processor.

  30. soullove
    soullove at | | Reply

    Hi palz, am so confused and i need ur help on t3 and n3. Pls give me the phone specification most especialy, on actual screen size, resolution, camera, internet speed, cpu, battery, typing speed and strongness in time of compatibility and heat emit during usage. Am expecting great replies, may God blez u all. 1 love!!!

  31. Eye/bee/kay
    Eye/bee/kay at | | Reply

    the senior brother, Tecno N7, now available in Nigeria.

    for N30,000, you get..

    Tecno N7 Full Specifications
    A glance at Tecno N7
    phone specifications:
    1.2GHz dual-core
    Qualcomm MSM8255
    Snapdragon S4 processor
    4.0″ WVGA (800×480) IPS
    capacitive display
    Operating System :
    Android 4.0 Ice Cream
    Adreno 203 GPU
    512MB of RAM
    4GB of internal storage
    microSD up to 32GB
    5MP autofocus camera
    with LED flash VGA front-
    facing camera
    WCDMA 900/2100Mhz
    HSPA+ 21Mbps
    WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, WiFi
    Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby
    GPS with aGPS support
    Bluetooth 2.1
    microUSB 2.0
    Li-lon 1600mAh 1500 mAh
    Size / Dimensions
    152g (weight)

  32. adetola
    adetola at | | Reply

    hi palz, please i need ur help in
    clearification of certain things on
    tecno t3 and n3. My questions are
    1. Which of d two is faster and more
    2. Does the key pad bottom of t3 light at nite because i heard that n3
    do not light at night
    3. Do the web of t3 also reboot or
    refreashing the application after
    receiving incoming calls?
    4. Does the t3 also hv dx power application and battery saver like
    5. Which among d two has the
    longest battery time?
    6. Which among d two has
    protected screen guard? God bless u all, am waiting for ur
    N/B, u can add other meaning
    information which u think are
    needed, 1 love naija.

  33. centemmy
    centemmy at | | Reply

    pls i wil lik to knw if tecno t3 and tecno t731 accept whatsapplication and 2go as wel? pls

    BUSYBRAIN at | | Reply

    pls, can i upgrade my tecno T3.

  35. Dejee
    Dejee at | | Reply

    pls can Tecno T3 be upgraded to OS 3 and can it be rooted?

  36. deejay
    deejay at | | Reply

    good job but plz am using techno T1 but pls I v been trying to use its wireless connection to browse bt I didn’t get it. pls put me through. thanks

  37. Cooper
    Cooper at | | Reply

    Hello, what is the rooting of a phone?

  38. Gideon
    Gideon at | | Reply

    Pls my brother hav over drawn the pattern on my tecno t3 nd now i am been asked to open it wit my googl account nd i dont any google account. What should i do pls i need a quick solution nw.

    BAMIDELE OMEIZA at | | Reply

    Pls,I want to know d reason why they are no more sellin tecno T3 in d market? bcos, am interested in buyin it b4.
    pls,I want more quality mobile phone than tecno T3 android not like tecno N7 android

  40. rhoofhigh
    rhoofhigh at | | Reply

    Hi admin,I like d rrsponses av read concerning other peoples questions.I was lookin for answers as to how to copy text from d internet when am browsing with my n3,and then paste it in the notes for future purpose. I can select the text,but cant copy.if i can do dis,i’ll b glad. Also kindly feed me with info on the newest tecno android,I heard its n7.what are d specs? I want a bigger screen than n3.thank you

  41. Amy
    Amy at | | Reply

    So so confused d3 n3 t3 gush. I think i will go 4 t3 based on my conclusion but N7 should have been better but is in a high side for me.

  42. Eldira
    Eldira at | | Reply

    Pls does Tecno T3 have multi-colours cos i’ll prefer a white 1 2 any other colour.Thank u

  43. Sen. IROGHAMA E
    Sen. IROGHAMA E at | | Reply

    please, how can i use my n3 as a modem?

  44. Gold
    Gold at | | Reply

    Pls can techno t731 Whatapp n 2go,i tried downloading,it but i cant see it and i thought its a java enabled phone,it should at least do that,a small nokia phone can.

  45. Aw many bat3 does it av n does it av USB
    Aw many bat3 does it av n does it av USB at | | Reply

    Pls does T3 has a picture picmix n some smiley BB use

  46. zyclef
    zyclef at | | Reply

    hi admin pls whc is beta amidst t3,n3,d3,d5 n t1 am confused i need 2 buy 1 of dz fones

  47. noblest
    noblest at | | Reply

    How can I assess word and excel documents using Tecno n3?

  48. remi
    remi at | | Reply

    thanks to Techno for this phone but I have problem with the 3G ,too slow on 3G but only fast on edge please tell me my phone has a problem with that

  49. emason
    emason at | | Reply

    pls I need to get the tecno t3..Ȋ̝̊̅§ it stil available in the market(slot)…its april 3013 now…asap pls

  50. emason
    emason at | | Reply

    2013 I meant

  51. prince smart
    prince smart at | | Reply

    how much is the tecno t3 in nigeria now and how can i get it ? and is the 3g working will and did it have flash light?

  52. mustapha
    mustapha at | | Reply

    kudos to admin and doctor! you doing a very good job here. Please am facing a little problem wit my tecno t3. Am unable to recieve or make call on my mtn sim card, i have tried other mtn sim cards but to no avail. But all other sims i.e glo, etisalat and ko works perfectly on it. Please kindly help resolve dis isue. Thanks

  53. Steve Jacobs
    Steve Jacobs at | | Reply

    Pls the 1.2GHz of Tecno N7 dual core; does that means it has two processors of that capacity which will amount to total processor speed of 2.4GHz? Also is there any other tecno phone that is better than N7 Now? Pls if there is, let me know.

  54. Steve
    Steve at | | Reply

    I may be wrong Steve Jacobs but I think it has two processor cores with overall combined speed is 1.2Ghz. Advantage being in the ability of dual core processors to run multiple programs simultaneously hence making for a faster phone

  55. christabel
    christabel at | | Reply

    Tecno is a fyn product but i still wonder y the parts (for Tecno D3) are not yet out in d market. my D3 has a bad screen and no where to get the screen….. pls am going mad seeing my fyn pics appear in my D3 like one eaten up by eczema.

  56. Adedayo
    Adedayo at | | Reply

    How much is the tecno t3 now in the market.

  57. Denyefa
    Denyefa at | | Reply

    Greetings admin, my T3 is showing white sreen, which means is not displaying picture & when I try to put it off, it won’t go off; unless I pull out the battery. So what should I do to resolve this, pls reply thanks

  58. Kenny
    Kenny at | | Reply

    I heard whatsapp on tecno dual sim i.e n3,t3,d3,d5 etc cannot recieve offline messages. Admin how true is that

  59. Ama $agacious
    Ama $agacious at | | Reply

    Pls admin,can u tell me d nxt tecno model fone 2b launchd afta dis new relisd tecno L3 dat jst came out 16th of july,or pls update me immed8ly a new tecno model is relisd 2d market….i nid a latest model of tecno phone of mayb highest price of dis 4me pls admin,i love ur site

  60. Nkambwe
    Nkambwe at | | Reply

    If the original sd card is removed can affect device app cos i bought a tecno d3 but it has no apps like opera face book is it because they removed sd card

  61. Nkambwe
    Nkambwe at | | Reply

    My d3 tecno enternet is slow than that of T611i have what is the cause

  62. Alex Badu
    Alex Badu at | | Reply

    How do I make whatsapp work on my T3. Any time I try to run the application, it tells me my date is incorrect

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