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  1. eye_bee_kay
    eye_bee_kay at | | Reply

    I have this habit of leaving my phones / laptop plugged overnight, all lying on a rug.


    Meanwhile, we all sleep deeply in my household.

    Lord have Mercy.

    It may be wise to always place our devices on non (essily)combustible materials when charging- just in case..

  2. Steve
    Steve at | | Reply

    Question: What burnt your home?

    Answer: Mobile Phone while charging.

    Very unacceptable. Especially in our culture in nigeria. Any such thing happen here, you’re on your own. You bear the consequence including rebuilding the house for your Shylock landlord. God forbid.

    Extreme caution is the answer o!

  3. Bankole
    Bankole at | | Reply

    What the hell? LG better not make any exploding Nexus 4s

  4. bosun99uk
    bosun99uk at | | Reply

    Ok, that’s scary, but my love for Nexus 7 continues.

    I dont trust China…..

    But we certainly have to be careful.

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