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  1. Eye_bee_kay
    Eye_bee_kay at | | Reply

    I have always felt that urbanisation plays a prominent role in the drastically reduced life expectancy in most developing (and developed too!)countries.

    As was tightly pointed out in this article, there is the need for government to wake up to their responsibilities and safeguard the environment as regards toxic non bio_degradable wastes that are being spilled into the ecosystem.

    There will always be manufacturers that care less about the environment. it is only governments than can put them in check.

    the infernal gas flaring in Nigeria comes to mind.

    Honestly I do no feel that Nigeria is being frontal in addressing such issues. Direct and evident Environmental Degradation are not being tackled! how much less those that are more nebulous?

    In the metropolis, we see vehicles emitting noxious fumes. Nobody says anything. Generators spill their potentially carcinogenic contents into the atmosphere almost non stop. we siddon look.

    who is in charge of Environmental Impact Assessment? I mean truly in charge. I am not talking about toothless governmentagencies here! These agencies need to be strengthened, empowered and enabled!

    let us hope government start being proactive about these.

    at the individual level, we can also try and protect ourvenvironment in all ways possible!

  2. Harry Echemco
    Harry Echemco at | | Reply

    This is a very sensitive and complex issue.

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  4. Afewgoodmen
    Afewgoodmen at | | Reply

    Yes, Harry. It is a complex issue. And with the amount of money, and relentless lobby being done by the Herculean Mobile Tech companies, it would be difficult to unravel the truth. Yes, some of them will even fund research to disprove all these.

    We all need to be careful. That’s all!

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