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  1. Afewgoodmen
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    Holla to the greatest of all men in Tech. I really miss Steve Jobs. He was an idol to me. Someone I always looked up to, for excitement, for anticipation, and for inspiration too.

    He brought the best out of every fanboyism spirit I ever had in me!

    Somehow, I know Steve Jobs is still alive in the very products that he created! His life exists not only in just Apple products but also in every multi-touch capacitive screened smartphone that we use everyday! With that thought, I won’t feel I’ve betrayed so noble a figure by adopting the Samsung Note II as my next primary smartphone!

    And I so wish to thank him again for the disruption in the mobile world he did, that has invariably made Mobile the way it is today!

  2. Eye_bee_kay
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    A great man, indeed.

    Visionary, iconoclastic, tenacious, intensely competitive. A great reality_distortion field_Marshall. spellbinder.

    A single tree that made an enduring forest.

    I wonder what eulogy his lifelong foe_friend (Bill Gates) has to bequeath today?


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