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  1. Afewgoodmen
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    “But as all can see and we have come to expect this, the iPhone 5 came out almost unscratched. We can’t say that for its plastic rival. All the same, we here would rather pick a Galaxy S3 over an iPhone 5 any day. That’s a personal opinion though.”

    Chief, that statement obviously shows your great bias. If you were to choose a smartphone based on just how rugged and sturdy it is, would you then choose a SAMSUNG GSIII over the iPhone 5?

  2. Eye_bee_kay
    Eye_bee_kay at | | Reply

    For me, the likelihood of a device being dropped on the floor is inversely proportional to its cost (“COSTLY” depends on the depth of your pocket, though).

    But, EXTREME shock_resistance is the last thing I would be looking out for on a device, at least at the high_end level of phones. I would not be using the phone to hammer nails into hardwood!

    Physical sturdiness would be a bonus, but is not a DEAL MAKER.

  3. Eye_bee_kay
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    Besides, I would be more concerned with issues like than structural rigidity..

  4. deoladoctor
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    @afewgoodmen, good observation there. Yes, bias because no man is without his preferences. And as Eye.Bee.Kay mentioned, the costlier a phone is, the more careful you will be handling it.

    All the same, Apple have done a really good job here. This is acclaimed to be the toughest iPhone ever. It’s worthy of commendation. Unfortunately, while their phones could last a lifetime, they don’t make you use it for long since they deliberately withhold new features on older phones during their OS updates.

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