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  1. Udegbunam Chukwudi
    Udegbunam Chukwudi at | | Reply

    The whole obesity thing in kids pisses me off like hell. Some parents are just in the habit of letting their kids do and eat whatever they feel like and it’s totally wrong.

    My colleagues has lost adult twins to Diabetes cos of this monstrous obesity issue of a thing.

    Sad to hear HBP in creeping in too.

  2. Maggideboy
    Maggideboy at | | Reply

    This article is really a wake up call especially with us emulating everything western this days.
    Another point is that this may seriously be under diagnosed due to the non availability of the proper cuffs to check the blood pressure of children who fall within the category under discourse.

  3. Steve
    Steve at | | Reply

    As mentioned above, this is really a wake up call. We need to act before we slip into the same mess these Americans find themselves in today. The call to action is now.

    Obesity is gradually becoming a problem because we adults want to give our children all those luxury we missed as youth. Fast food, sedentary life sitting in front of TV all day playing games instead of outdoor excersices. This trend has to stop if we really love our children as we claim.

    Then the question of children sphygmomanometers for measuring the BP in children. How many clinics and hospital have one? The attitude of our doctors too must change. Our health institutions should have good records departments so that we can carry out a comparative study to show what really obtains in our region.

    I sincerely pray that we have the will and motivations to make these changes for the sake of our children and the health of our nation.

  4. Afewgoodmen
    Afewgoodmen at | | Reply

    Obesity along with inactivity are the main avenues for many illnesses in children. A child does not belong in front of a TV screen or video game. Children should learn to play outdoors and run around. This keeps them fit. Healthy eating is also a great idea too.

    Parents have more role to play in this to ensure that their kids are healthy!

  5. eye_bee_kay
    eye_bee_kay at | | Reply

    I have just stumbled onto this post!

    It is so sad to hear that children can also be hypertensive.

    the need for the right dietary habits is of course key, just like the need to eschew sedentary lifestyles.

    But this dietary thing..

    for those living in the cities, you wake up in the morning, get the children prepared for school, while simultaneously getting yourself ready for work. TIME is at a premium. you want to be fast, so as to be punctual. you end up preparing and giving your children food that can be prepared in five minutes.they take fizzy drinks along with their lunch packs. And the cycle repeats itself. day in, day out.

    you know it is not right, but you are almost powerless to do anything you arrest the do situation.

    for me. tackling the nutritional challenge (due to lack of time) is the real problem. I imagine it is for lots dwellers, too

    it needs extra effort to give the children (and yourself!) the right kind of food.

    most children are naturally hyperactive. so I doubt if the obesity thing applies to lots of children~ especially in the underdeveloped world.

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