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  1. Afewgoodmen
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    The watch word is still caution. However, I advice the FCC not to cause unnecessary panic. That said, individuals need to be prudent when using a cellphone.

  2. ellunoid
    ellunoid at | | Reply

    This is still a Gray area, and I believe stringent regulations will prevent future sorrows for users.
    The issue of tobacco use and alcohol is a case in point.
    Users should be aware of possible dangers.
    Thereby, informed choice is the key to protect the end users and device manufacturers until such a time that incontrovertible evidence is available.

  3. Eye_bee_kay
    Eye_bee_kay at | | Reply

    Yes; we need to err on the side of caution in our use of phones- and technology, in grneral

    Sms / email / IM whenever posible instead of voIP / voice calls. Use branded phones ONLU from known manufacturers

    And -any review of regulations regarding SAR levels is laudable- just like continual review of emission standards in the automobile arena..

  4. Seun
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    Reminds me of the story of the guy who discovered Xrays and wasn’t aware of the consequences of over exposure, everyone was just carried away by the excitment of seeing detailed outline of bones and similar denser tissue. Shortly after his wife’s death due to radiation related illness, questions began to be raised about safety and caution. Whatever the case mobile companies and regulators shld encourage the use of ear pieces.
    On the lighter side it means owners of blackberry phones wld be safer as most wld rather thumb on the phone than place them on the ear.

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